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The video below is about how agents charge the client an admin fee (a junk fee to the client).  This is a fee that covers the administrative costs for each transaction the agent does through their broker.  Passing this fee on to the client does not align with an agents fiduciary duty to their client and why our affiliates must pay this fee out of their commission.  We've seen other agents charge their clients up to $1,000 over and above the commission they earn.  Most admin fees are well under $500 per transaction depending on the agents split with the broker.  Whose financial interests do you think they are focused on?  Yours or theirs?


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About Us

DMVHomeHub.com is a multi-state brokerage that challenges the status quo on many common practices that do not align with our fiduciary duty to our clients.  Among the status quo is charging clients both buyers and sellers an admin fee.  This fee is call many different things (Broker, admin, transaction, broker compliance fee) but our brokerage does not allow this fee to be charged to the client since it violates our fiduciary duty to the client.  Nearly every other brokerage firm allows their affiliates to pass this charge on to the client.  We've seen this fee as high as $1,000 in addition to the commission.

So you can trust that no matter who you choose to reach out to with our firm, you will get the same level of protection for your hard-earned dollars.  We also police the fees of other professionals you hire to assist you.  Our common goal is to Exceed Client Expectations!  Check out online reviews, we practice what we preach!

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